Monday, February 20, 2006

It all starts here

I live in Las Vegas Nevada. Battle Born! By day I fly for a small airline that mostly flies Japanese tourists to the worlds biggest hole in the ground....The Grand Canyon. The thing of it is, these guys are crazy. Most of them spend 14 hours on a plane to get here, then they hop right on my plane so they can go get their picture taken at the ditch and go back to Vegas to party. It doesnt matter if its raining, snowing, or 115 degrees outside, these people will do whatever it takes to get that picture of themselves standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon, and they will puke themselves to death the whole way, and that, in a way, puts me at their mercy. I have to say though, I admire these guys. To put yourself through all that, it must be important to them. Many of them save their money for a long time to get to do this. I on the other hand get paid for it.


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